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[unbranded gym clothing wholesale south africa]Original title: Hong Kong Media: Chinese fighters overcome high-altitude difficulties strengthen the air defense Hong Kong media said that the Chinese fighter in the southwestern mountainous area of ​​the country showed that the military has overcome the engine problem at high altitude. According to the Hong Kong “Nanhua Morning Post” website◆■, I reported on March 15 that the official website of the Peoples Liberation Army released the 歼 -10 and 歼 -11 fighters on the snowy mountain. ▲ Information Picture: Air Force 歼 -11 fighter training in the snowy plateau▪△=. (Xinhua News Agency) These aircraft is an integral part of Chinas third-generation light-type multi-purpose fighter chart, which uses a Russian AL-31F engine. According to the report, there is also a picture of Shaanxi-9 transport aircraft in a high altitude airport. ▲ Shaanxi Yun-9 transport pla.

Original title: Hangzhou vehicle lost control accident 3 dead 14 hurt eyedies●◆◇=: fragment full of Tianfa video bombing China new network Hangzhou July 30 (Guo Qi Zhang Shiyu Wu Xinwei Zhang Bin Hu Zi Fei Luo Yuan An) According to the latest news of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau…▪★, July 30:00 on July 30 06 points, a major road traffic accident occurred in the Queen Road, Xihu Road, Xihu District=▪, Hangzhou•▪. As of now, 3 people have died=▼★, 14 people are injured, and the wounded is still being treated★▽△★. The public security organ has made an alcohol test and urine testing of the driver of the driver, and it is still investigating the cause of drunk driving, drug driving, and the cause of the accident-△. Clean up the accident scene. Zhang Shiyu took about 21★■-:30 on the 30th-…☆, the reporter arrived at the accident scene, the scene of the accident has been blocked▷▪…, and the crowd is in the crowd=■◇•. On-site, sanitation workers are cleaning.

Original title: Mo let the •◁▼”image engineering•◁” bad image hurt the people September 8 In the notification committee, the Heilongjiang Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission has used nearly 400 words to describe the violation of Han Dongyan-▷▼◁. The interests suffer from huge losses, and the heavy financial burden and petition issues are important◁■▪. According to media reports, Han Dongyan is often ◁○▲”dared to say, can say” in the event of Qiqihar and other places▪▽, and said his own ability and political achievements. He said in an interview with reporters that “people with individual personality take financial money to do what they want to d?