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[southern tide womens]Original title: Shenxing all the deputy secretary, principal and Liu Youzhi, the party committee of the North University=▲•, no longer served as the President Shen Xingqin University Map March 5……○, China University held the Cadre General Assembly to announce the Document of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee. According to the Chinese Communist Party Shanxi Provincial Committee Jin dry word [2018] No. 125 and the Shanxi Provincial Peoples Government Jin Zheng Ren [2018] No. 8, Shen Xing Quan Comrade Ren Zhongbei University Party Committee member, Standing Committee▲☆□◇, Deputy Secretary▼•, President. Comrade Liu Youzhi no longer served as the principal of the North University due to age. Deputy Minister of Organization, Provincial Party Committee, Zhao Jianhua, Director of the Old Cadre Bureau of the Provincial Party Committee=◁, the Secretary of the Provincial Department of Education, the Director of the Director, and Wu Junqing●▽, Secretary of the Provincial University Work Committee☆==, attended the meeting. All school leaders, deputy-level cadres▷△…, responsible persons▲-•△, representatives of the Provincial Peoples Congress, member of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, Secondary Professo.

Original title▼△…■: Fu Hua is served as Guangdong Propaganda Minister, has launched the highest level of media summit on both sides: Changan Street, the latest news▽◆◁, the economic daily newspaper chief editor, Fu Hua○□□, member of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee-•◇★, Propaganda Minister▷▲-. Before the Chief Editor of the Economic Daily, Fu Hua has served as the president of Beijing Daily and the Director of the Chinese Commercial News Agency-▲, and has a wealth of media work experience◆◁, and as a vice chairman of the Chinese Corporation=▷. At the same time☆☆■, he has many years of party and government work experience☆-■○. In the early years, he has worked in the State Council SAR Office●-▽, and the State Council is rescheduled, and it is adjacent to Beijing, serving as the deputy director of Hshan District◇●◇□, Xicheng District Office; In 2010, Fu Hua was served as deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Beijing Municipal Committee, as a deputy secretary general of the Beijing Municipal Committee after one and a half★▪■□. Fu Hua in 2014, Fu Hua is served as the president of Beijing Dai•△●.

Original title: live picture exposure□•! Flying Beijing Flight Passengers Pen Stand Standards April 15◆▼-•, 2018•★, Air China CA1350 Changsha – Beijing Flight Aircraft A male passenger holds a flight attendant event, and the unit shall reduce Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport. At 13:17, the incident has been successfully disposed of, and the passenger and crew members are safe. After the verification, the male is used to make a sturker tool. Source: China Civil Aviation Network Click to enter the topic■▷★: Male passengers in flights to hold the flight attendants incident■■•-, the main disposition is successful Editor: Huo .

Overseas Network on May 27th, Taiwans epidemic continues to heat up◁=☆△, especially in the two-north. Although Chen Shizhong, he said, the hospital has not collapsed, but Wu Mingxian, the Dean of the Taiwan University Hospital●●◇, issued a ■□☆★”rescue letter” through the social platform on the 26th, describing the presence of hospital patients full and bed. Comprehensive “Central Society▪★”, the Chinese Review Agency☆△▪•, Wu Mingxian is indicated by the “Hospital needs help” (Hospitals Need Help)▼–, the hospital is now very urgent, the Taiwan University modified childrens access ward is to collect adults■▽▼, still do not apply, and the ambulance continues Send a patient who needs to receive a ward and intubation◇▲◆. Wu Mingxian called for the end of the e.

Original title…△•▲: A man in Shaanxi is suspected of illegally detained in the escape tour of Leshan Buddha scenic spots, the net police will control the lives (public security for map) cover news reporter Li Wei=○▷, Dingwei, June 1○□▽●, 11 am, a suspected Shaanxi△■▼.com Escape came to the Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area. After receiving the information, the Leshan Municipal Public Security Bureau special patrol detachment immediately organized the civilian policeman and rushed to the scenic spot to verify this situation. At 14 oclock on the same day▼□▲○, in front of Lingyun Temple in Leshan Buddha Scenic Area◆◇★, the casual clothes found the man, and then according to law, the man said, the man said that she did not carry any personal identity documents, and unable to provide personal valid identity information on the police. The casual waters plan to bring it back to the detachment to continue the investigation☆◆, so take it out of the scenic spot●◁…. When a group of people walked to the East Gate of Scenic Area, there were many scenic tourist. sport legging manufacturerappropriate workout attire ski jacket factorys custom windproof softshell jackets,