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[casual jacket custom]Original title: This year, the 50,000 sets of housing six districts. Haidian, the most New Beijing newsletter (Reporter Deng Qi Intern Yu Huazun) This year==□▼, Beijing will build 50★□●,000 sets of affordable housing▽☆□. The reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Housing and Construction Committee that all districts also announced this years security housing objectives and tasks. Among them, there were the largest Haidian in the urban six districts. This year, the construction raised 6,000 sets of affordable housing, followed by 5,600 sets of Fengtai District-▪◆. In all districts, Daxing District is the largest, this year plans to build a 10,000 sets of affordable housing▪◁…-, Fangshan District and Shunyi District are 10,000 sets○▽◁▷. In addition▲○, all districts also put forward market rental subsidies should be guaranteed. The Municipal Housing and Construction Committee has been introduced that this year will build 50,000 sets of affordable housing, and promote the construction of total property rights housing construction and collective construction land construction rental housin.

Original title: 6 of the 6 central leadership, the amount of information-▷, the amount of information□=, from March 12, Ding Xuexiang▲▼, Liu He, Yang Xiaodu, Chen Xi•☆, Guo Shengyu•◁◁●, Huang Kunming will write-▼, talk about the party and talk about the party and National institutional reform. The following is the full text: “Deepening the reform of the party and national institutions is the inevitable requirements of promoting the national governance system and governance capacity modernization-•=▷” Ding Xuexiang “Peoples Daily” (March 12, 2018) Partys 19th The “Decision” of the plenary meeting clearly stated that “Deepening the reform of the party and national institutions is a deep change of national governance system and governance ability.” This discontinuation reveals the reform of deepening of party and national institutions to promote national governance system and governance capabilities. The important role of modernization also reveals deepeni.

Original title: (Time administration) Central■…: The majority of young people must fight for the new era Youth Marxist Xinhua News Agency Beijing May 7th (Reporter Rong Qihan) “The contemporary youth should inherit the glorious tradition of China Youth Sports, firmly ideal beliefs●○▲, Standing in the peoples position, actively engage in practice■•●▽, carry forward the revolutionary spirit, and strive to be a new era Youth Marxist. ▼▲”He Junko□□☆◆, the Standing Secretary of the Communist Youth League, said. At the 7th△-, the No. 7 Central Committee “Learn the General Secretary of Xi Jinping” is awarded to the New Times Youth Marxist “Symposium, He Junke said that in more than 90 years•★…, China Youth Movement In the leadership of the Communist Party of China, in Marxism and Marxism China The guidance of the theoretical results is booming•◁▼, and a group of firm young Marxists grow up in practice. Chi.