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[yoga shirt malaysia]Zhongxin Net Pixiang May 28th: ​​More than 400 cross-border driving drivers boost Chinese, Yuehua reporter Jiang Xuelin-•●, with the current situation of new wave of epidemic, the prevention and control situation of Guangxi friendship port is suddenly nervous. There is such a group of people, in order to ensure the smooth international trade, dangerous◇◆◇, throughout the day between China and Vietnamese ports, they are the drivers of the entry and exit trucks. Recently, the reporter saw in an interview in Guangxi Friendship Port•▪, although the overseas epidemics were severe, the import and exit trucks were busy. It is understood that since May 25, Friendship Port will be approximately 1300 times a day◁-…◁. Because the entry and exit truck driving drivers, closed-loop management, the reporter can only pass electrici?

Original title▽▪▲: Shanghai Cooperatives Qingdao Summit is about to hold a news center will hold three conference CCTV News: Shanghe Organization Qingdao Summit held, the domestic and foreign media registered reporters also entered the news center. Today, Shanghe Organization Qingdao Summit News Center will hold three press conferences, introduced by the relevant person in charge of the China Public Security Department, China Culture and Tourism, and Shandong Province will also hold a launch conference, introduce economic and social development and Opening is open. Click to enter the topic: Shanghe Summit June Qingdao Opening Editor: Huo =▪?

China News Agency, May 27 (Reporter Zhou Yin) China Ministry of Transport Department△○, Sun Wenjian disclosed on the 27th, the newly revised maritime traffic safety law (hereinafter referred to, “Haian Law” will start from September 1 this year Implement. Sun Wenjian introduced that “Hayan Law” is the basic law in Chinas sea sectors, and establishes the basic system of maritime traffic safety management. The amendment is the first comprehensive revision conducted since 1983◇…•-, from the strengthening of ship crew management■▼◆, implementation of safety security system, strengthening the safety supervision of shipping▲□, improves search and rescue emergency and accident investigation mechanisms, and regulates a series of fair civilization law enforcement, The system and content of maritime traffic safety management have been comprehensi△△.