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[royal blue womens suit]Original title: After 10 days☆••=, the Ministers transfer of the source▼▽=◆: Changan Street, a recent, the leadership team of the Central Great Council has been adjusted◇•, and there are 3 new faces in the □•”Window▪○▪” column of the official website: the Party Secretary of the Original State Council , Deputy Director Xu Yusheng, deputy director of the Ministry of Act□▷▽, Director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council★○; the deputy director of the National Religious Bureau, the deputy director of the Ministry of Religious, the Secretary for Religious Affairs; the deputy director of the National Office of the Overseas Chinese Office•▷•▪, Vice Minister of the United Front Office. In March this year, ▷□”Deepening the Party and National Institutional Reform Plan…•●” released. According to the program, the State Councils Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and the National Religious Affairs Bureau incorporated into the Central Council□▼△=, no longer retaining the singular Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and the National Religious Bureau•●. After adjustment▼◆△, the main responsibility of the Central Great Department Department in the overseas Chinese is, unifying the overseas committees, managing overseas Chinese administrati.

Promote the construction of ecological civilization, the new level – the National Ecological Environment Protection Conference released the 19th National Ecological Environment Protection Conference on the 19th, the National Ecological Environment Protection Conference on Strengthening the Ecological Environment, and the Pollution Prevention and Control Battle is deployed▼▼, mobilize the whole partys whole society Hand, promote the construction of my countrys ecological civilization▷△●, take the new level. What new information is passed this important meeting, how to advance the beautiful China in the future, Xinhua News Agency reporter requested experts and the person in charge of the relevant departments to interpret. Six principles=□: Indicate the new era to promote the construction of the Ecological Civilization in the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping, pointed out that the new era promotes the construction of ecological civilization, and must adhere to the following principles. First○◁▪▲, persists who have harmonious and natural harmony, insist on saving priority=▽, protecting priority☆●, natural recovery, like protecting ey.

(Anti-neck coronary pneumonia) Macau first Indian popular variants□▽☆•, the government appeals to the public to vaccinate the vaccination in Macau May 26 (reporter Longsilo) Macaus new coronary virus infection★●•, the Coordination Center is announced=□▲, and the Macau, which was diagnosed before▽◁, The 51st case of new crown pneumonia was diagnosed•▲▽, and B▼◁.1.617 new crown virus variant strain was detected□-□=. The virus strain appeared in Macau■◆=, showing the threat of new crown virus infections in Macau, and the authorities called for unrocked citizens to vaccinate the vaccine as soon as possible. The Strain Coordination Center said that B.1.617 new crown mutation strain was first found in India in December last year. At present▼▼, the epidemic has caused a large outbreak in a wide range of Indi…★□?

Original title: The latest activities of the Vice Chairman of the Military Commission◇●, focusing on strong military preparations: Changan Street, a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Vice President Zhang Youxia, Vice Chairman Zhang Youxia, a vice chairman of the Central Military Commission debuted after two sessions of the country. Yesterday★□★▼, he attended the open ceremony of the strong military online▽■◁▼. The strong military network was approved by the Central Military Commission, relying on the entire military and government network integrated military website resource creation. The website is mainly facing the troops to publish authority information•●▽=, carrying out publicity and education, providing online services, and conducts work guidance. Zhang Yan Xia proposed four construction requirements in the online ceremony. It is said that we must conscientiously implement the spirit of the important instructions of the President of President-○, and strive to build the strong military network into the red platform of the famous party▪▽■★, help the strong military information platform, leading the practice of innovation. Platform, serving the officers and soldiers◁●◇△. ●☆•■”The character of strong military network is in strong military, the advantage is in strong ar◁◆○◆.

Original title: China Commercial flight: Extension expansion on the three-level unit party organization inspection full coverage site. China Commercial Aircraft Co.△□■▪, Ltd. official website map recently, as an in-depth implementation of the 19th National Spirit of the Party, deepening the political inspections, and increases the important measures of the inspection and inspection, China Commercial Flying Company Inspection Tour Leading Group Office officially unveiled■◆••, Further promoting the companys party committee political inspection to the depth development, providing organizational security for the company★•▼…. The companys party committee is in-depth study to implement the Chinese characteristic socialist thinking and the 19th National Spirit of the Party of Xi Jinping•▼☆, and implement the Second Plenary Session of the 19th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the first round of inspection work mobilized to deploy the National CSC Party Committee 2018 Wheel inspection work mobilized to deploy the spirit•□▲•, further clarify the focus●…◁◇, and sma□ wholesale.