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[blue mens tracksuit]Original title: The director of the police station that killed the murder fugitive but sacrificed△△, I have just been appointed at the beginning of the year .○▪.▽◆▪◇. I still say ★=◁○”death☆•”? On August 5th, a man with a man in Renshou County, Meishan City, Sichuan Province, had a dispute between others, and fled the other person◆○•. During the pursuit, the murderer rushed into the Fujia Town Police Station◆▼◁, chopping many people, including the masses and the police, and then shot by Wang Tao, director of the Fuka Town Police Station. According to the relevant person of Renshou County Public Security Bureau, the police initially identified that the man was killed by disputes yesterday, and the police were chasing. Who knows the man driving a car and rushes into the police station▪•▷△. □•”Suddenly, there is no expectation.…☆” At that time=-○, there were people in the police station, and the man drove hit the innocent masses to send the innocent people. (He) After getting off the bus, he cut the director…▪, and the gun pulled the gun on the spo△=•?

Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions□-, Heilongjiang Provincial Committee Gang Rongkun, the Secretary of the Heilongjiang Provincial Committee•▪□, responded to the question of the construction of the rule of law, revealed that the Heilongjiang is strictly investigated and other issues such as the law▲•=▽, the law enforcement, and the law☆△◁, and the ●▼=★”zero tolerance▷○★▽” clears the harmful group in the political and legal team, 2016 In 2017, 779 were 779 (pieces) of illegal and disciplinary cases in the Political and Legal team•□. ★▲•”The rule of law is the premise of the business environment▲•■-, the core key and powerful guarantee, optimizing the business environment of the provincial economic development.” Gang Rongkun said that in the past five years, the burning environment of Heilongjiang is n▪◇.

Original title: ▼▽■=”Sichuan Sichuan Killing Case” victims family prosecuting the school school counterfeit requit 20,000 March 27△•, “Sichuan Sichuan Daxie Case▪▷-■” victims family prosecute Sichuan Masters big case. The victim family requested that the Sichuan Master compensated 57◁▽,0074.65 yuan. Sichuan Masters made a counterclaim◁▼●▽. The family agent of the victim said that the refeck of Sichuan Masters is in line with the law★•▲●, but it is not reasonable. The victims parents had a total of more than 40,000 yuan, and the Sichuan Nirest returned more than 60,000☆▷, that is, the victim will pay the parent to pay about 20,000 yuan. Editor in charge☆○: Zhang Yili.

Original title■▷=: Year-end summary copy, copying, plagiarism When the leadership team members of the leadership group, Ive been awarded the report of the statement (commonly known as the year-end summary …•○”)◆•▷□, and 18 people found that there were 18 pieces of copying, plagiarism, plagiarism, and plagiarism.” Some even change the summary time of 2016 to 2017, or change the 18th big in the text to 19th◁△▽, then handed over. The summary of the two years▪•★, the content is 95%. “This 18 The leading cadres are notified to criticize●★, and they have repeatedly written a statement to the statement, and pay the party secretary of the party committe.bomber jacket wholesale hoodies supplier flag of the bikini atoll,