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wholesale mens joggers – varsity jacket plain jogger pants supplier fitness wholesale distributors,[plain varsity jackets wholesale]Xinhua News Agency Qingdao June 10, China State Council, Diplomatic Minister Wang Yi, was interviewed in Qingdao on Qingdao on the 10th, introducing Shanghai Cooperatives to Qingdao Summit Results. The full text is as follows○•■=: 1. Ask•▪: Chinas hosted Shanghai Cooperative Summit…△○, at the same time, this is also the first summit of Shanghai cooperative organizations■○▪, and the international community is highly concerned. How do you view the characteristics and meaning of this summit••=▽? A: Compared with the previous conference=▪△, the Qingdao Summit can be described as the largest, the highest level▷•▲, the highest results, created a series of records. This time, the first time held after the first time○○▪☆. Shanghe Organization has 8 Member States, 4 observers, 6 dialogue partners, the economy and population account for 20% and more than 40%, respectively, and become the most widely used worldwi•-!

Original title☆…•: Shuang…△-: I hope that the Britain promotes the liberalization of trade investment and facilitates the public number (XWS4_FMPRC) news (XWS4_FMPRC) news on July 24, there is a reporter asked: The British government will publish a proposal to strengthen foreign companies that may affect the security of UK. What is the review of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs★○?爽□▼◁◆: Yesterday▪◆, I have released the British Minister Hunts Hunter to come to China on July 30 to conduct formal visits-▪, and hosted the ninth strategic dialogue between China and English with Wang Yi State Committee and Foreign Minister-▲▷☆. At that time, a reporter asked the Chinese side to respond to the expectation of this Sino-British strategy dialogue. I can repeat again today. Under the current international situation=•■▷, China and Britain is a permanent member of the UN Security Counci○▼.

Original title: German media○▽•▽: China has become an economical and patented country United States is no longer “King of Jungle■…” Reference News Network reported that Moral media reported that China has been a country with the most patent applications for many years▼◁□▪. However, the number of Chinese patent applications now exceeds Europe, Japanese, US, and Han Jia together. According to the Voice of Germany, China has reported on March 11=●▪, China accelerates the pace of chasing in the field of innovation. According to the European Patent Office, the first time, there is a Chinese company submitted the most patent application in Europe, ranking first in 2398 patent applications. In Brussels, the European Patent Office pointed out that China has also consolidated his status in countries, ranking fifth in Europe, second only to US, Germany, Japan, and Method. According to reports, China has from ●■▷. tshirts bulk