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[Women Capri factory]Xinhua News Agency, Geneva, on May 27, in Geneva, Switzerland, at the 74th World Health Conference◇◇▽○, held in Geneva, Switzerland★=▲▪, thanks to China to assist the countrys anti-new championship through donating vaccine, dispatch experts, transfer technology. According to the Geneva Office of the United Nations, the Geneva Office, Mi Ze, Sara, said that since March 23 this year▲◆…▽, Gabon launched the new crown vaccination, more than 11,000 people were vaccinated by Chinese medicine new crown vaccine donated by China. Sierra Leone Minister Austin Dead said that Sierra Leone is very fortunate to receive 240,000 national medicine new crown vaccines from generous donations in China. The representative of Namibia has given gratitude to Namibias first time to China and other countrie!

Original title□-: Hong Kongs surprise, Japanese army grenaders, police bombing experts, detonated bombers▷▪…☆, will detonate shells, small maps are the shells after detonation (Figure◆☆: Hong Kong Media) Overseas Network April 5, Hong Kong reproduces the Japanese army Grencho supplier sportswear custom sock manufacturers usa – fleece zip hoodie scrunch bum leggings wholesale, how to deflate exercise ball! According to Hong Kong media news, Hong Kong Island Datan Tang Dao Yabo Garden closed the tower of the big chamber, 2 oclock in the afternoon, foreign ▲◁”bomb hunter” Edward (Edward, 25 years old) using a metal detector, at the site hillside When the detection is performed, it is found that there is a suspected bomb object and then alarm. The police reported the blocked live survey, and the explosive product treatment class (EOD) was present☆…■, and the firefighting also was also in the game. The shell is detonated. (Figure: Hong Kong media) bombing experts have been examined, I believe it is a two-day Japanese army to occupy the grenades☆•…◆, and about 20 □☆▪▷?

China International Broadcasting Station reporter: I would like to ask Hu Xiaoyai, first congratulations to the Holidays=-▲●. This year, the Premier Government Work Report is proposed to expand international production capacity cooperation and optimize the external investment structure★••☆. Ask us to introduce us, whether the “transcript” we have achieved last year is enough in foreign investment and international capacity cooperation? What kind of work will we focus on this year, promote the formation of a comprehensive open new pattern△▷? Thank you. Hu Xiaoyai: Thank you for your holiday greetings as a representative of women. Indeed, as a member of the Womens Political Consultative Conference, I am proud to participate in the participation of the CPPCC. This problem you mentioned▼▼, first, in 2017□□◁△, it has achieved huge achievements in the opening, international capacity cooperation and construction of an open econom.

Original title△★-●: When the institution reform is listed countdown, what is the new department of 600 million people? On the last day of March▪○▪○, the State Council Institutional Reform and Promotion Association was officially held, and the reform of the promotion institution was further deployed. According to the timetable, the new formation department will complete the listing in mid-April…▲▼-. In the newly established department, there is a department that every action is related to 600 million△▲. The new round of the State Institutional Reform Plan proposed that the establishment of the agricultural rural ministry●…△, no longer retaining the Ministry of Agriculture●◇==. Integrate the responsibilities of the Ministry of Agriculture▼…▽, the relevant agricultural investment projects of the National Development and Reform Commission△◁▪▪, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance and Water Resources, and the establishment of agricultural rural parts as one of the formulations of the State Council. Integrated management improves ▷=”three rural” construction efficiency according to the reform pla-▼■•.