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[activewear blanks]China New Network Changzhi May 28th▪…: ​​The local writer has written more than 30 years of farmers•▲☆▷: Good works must deeply enter the people of the people◆★○◇. Yang Jing Zhang Yue -…”Good work is to go deep into the countryside, deep into the people, to write the villagers love Drama◁△△. On the 28th○▼, Sun Chunjin, 60-year-old, 60-year-old, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province, showed the journalist to the drama works created in 32 years. “Hope hometown, eye-catching▲△•▪. The face is still awkward-▲, his heart is blood, people are bleeding.” “On the hometown, township. Sigh••…, think more!□■” In Changzi County▷◇…, the people are easy to understand◁◆★▪, close to life There is a unique closure☆△●▷, but the unique charm is a native writer who writes a farmers household writer Sun Chunji.

Original title: The State Council pushes 7 tax deals, what is suitable for entrepreneurs? The entrepreneurial policy says that the State Council executive meeting held on April 25 decided to launch seven tax cuts to support entrepreneurial innovation and small micro enterprise development…□-. This is already the two sessions this year☆○▷◁, the government has launched a policy for companies to reduce the burden. At the beginning of March this year, the governments work report pointed out that 2018 will pay more than 80 billion yuan for the company and individuals. On March 28th, at the executive meeting of the Second State Council△▷, the measures to deepen VAT reform were officially launched, including 1% of the tax rates of the enterprise VAT, will reduce the market main tax burden over 400 billion yuan□◇. Inner and foreign companies will benefit the same△■●▲. And the State Council executive meeting will then launch seven tax cuts, and more than 600 taxes are expected to be taxed throughout the yea.

Original title: The latest report of senior diplomats show that senior diplomat Liu Haixing has served as deputy director of the Office of the Central National Security Committee. According to the “Peoples Court” report▷◇•★, Liu Haixing, deputy director of the National Peoples Congress, and the National Peoples Congress, the Vice Director of the Central National Safety Commission, attended the group meeting in the 13th National Peoples Congress, attend the group meeting=●●▪, considering the –“two high” reports. Liu Haixing said that the report refers to adhering to national security concept▽▽▲, high level, 5 years, peoples court construction and judicial credibility have been significantly improved, it is recommended that the peoples court will continue to promote judicial reform and improve trial quality. “Through several spontaneous applause and annual votes, we can know that our people are satisfied with political and legal work•◁.” Liu Haixing sai.

Original title■▲•▷: Tang Fei is selected from the Mayor of Zhangzhou (Figure Resume) Economic Daily – China Economic Network Zhangzhou March 31 Comprehensive report According to Zhejiang “Zhangzhou Peoples Congress” WeChat public number news○◇◆, March 30, the citys seven seven seven seven seven seven seven seven seven seven seven seven seven seven seven seventh conference held The third plenary meeting, the election was conducted in the way without registration=▼, and the Tang Fan all the money was elected as the mayor of the people of Zhangzhou Municipal Peoples Government. According to the China Economic Net Party Political Leading Peoples Library…■▲•, Tang Fan•□…, March 1972, once served as the Standing Committee of the Zhangzhou Municipal Committee▷◇•, the veteran deputy mayor▼○•, and the deputy secretary of the Cangzhou Municipal Committee, the Mayor of the Cangzhou Municipal Committee. Tang Fan resume soup, male◁=, Han nationality★□, March 1972, Zhejiang Hangzhou○▼, July 1998=▼…☆, joined the Communist Party of China, participated in the work in July 1992◁==, and the graduate degree of the central party school graduate students. Zuoyi provincial highway tu? plus size shirts for leggingsgreen army jackets navy blue and white flannel 100 percent polyester shirts!