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[yoga clothing wholesale suppliers]Original title: How is the director of the two special committees of the National Peoples Congress▼□●? Source◇◇☆■: Intan WeChat public number Writer Wang Wei Fan Jun Sheng Yesterday morning▷■△▽, the 13th National Peoples Congress held the fourth plenary meeting in the Great Hall of the People, the meeting voted the 13th National Peoples Congress Constitution and the Director of the Law Committee Members•●, deputy director▪•, member list, and member of the Director of the 13th National Peoples Congress Financial Economic Committee, deputy director, and committee-□▷○. Among them●◆□▽, Li Fei came out of the Constitution and the Director of the Legal Committee, Xu Shao Shi as a member of the Director of the Financial and Economic Commission. The fourth plenary meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress, also voted the decision of the General Assembly on the establishment of the 13th National Peoples Congresss special committe!

Original title: Chongqing a man puts ex-wife and other 4 people stabbed 1 person has died by the police to capture the China New Network August 11th, according to Chongqing Tongliang District Public Security Bureau official microblogging news, 8□▷:20 on August 11th A case of injured cases occurred in Yuquan Park▲▷○◇, Dongcheng Street, Tongliang District, Chongqing. Li Mou (male, 59), Pu Lu Street◇□, Tongliang District, was stabbed by 4 people such as Wang (female, 53), Li Mou (male, 69). Image source○=☆☆: Chongqing Tongliang District Public Security Bureau official microblogging. After receiving the alarm, the copper gang police quickly rushed to the scene to capture Li and sent the injured to the doctor. At present, Li Mou has died after being rescued, and the remaining three injured people are being treated□◆●. The case is under further investigation. Editor in charge▲◇: Huo ☆…▷?

Number said that the treasure ▽▼-■”Tibet▪-◇” · 70,000 giant changed to 600•☆▷,000 butter leggings wholesale t shirt factory sports bra bulk buy! Skills Training Let Tibetan Agricultural Herd Workers Experience Colorful Life Benefits in accordance with the agriculture and herds and herds of farmers, and more and more farmers and herdsmen dont have to spend most of the time in agriculture and animal husbandry production. Low efficiency labor◁•○=, turn to learn new knowledge, new skills, have more choices for experience colorful life▪▼. The reporter learned that in 2021, Tibet continued to promote the “order” training of farmers and herdsmen and “work and training△▷▲”, and planned to complete the skills training◁▼, and achieved more than 600,000 employment of agricultural herders, realizing labor revenue 5 billion yuan. Before the peaceful liberation▪★□…, the people in Tibet live .

Original title■○▽: Tan Min, Deputy Director of the Central Avenue: The army of the army should brave “the main battle”, the argument▲•●, the central military video screenshot of the central army. The representative of the deputy demand◆…◇, said that he is separated from the old military system system, adapting to a new aquarium system, the first thing is to change the old concept and establish a new idea. For the main responsibilities of the army of the army new style, Tan Min representative summarizes four major aspects: the main responsibilities, combat joint training, victory◇■◁, winning◁•▽=, compensation◆◁○. 01 The main battle area is a joint operational command agency. Its main function is the main battle, the main battle is the responsibility, the concept of the responsiben is to actively take the initiative, to dare to take the risk, to meet the test, to play Win the war and fulfill your missio?satin jacket women”s – usa windproof softshell jackets.