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[windproof softshell jackets custom]Original title◁-◁☆: Zimbabwe President Monaga is visiting in April Fangfi Chunshui, a new Qianjiang Huai meteorological☆☆☆. From April 4th to 5th…◁, the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Emerase Monaga, came to Anhui Province to conduct friendly visits▽○▷▼. This is the first visit to Anhui after the first visit of Monastea. Li Jinbin, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, governor Li Guoying met with Hamanga in Hefei★◇★★. On the evening of the 4th▲▷…=, Monastea arrived in Hefei from Beijing. With the visit▷•=, there are Zimbabwe Diplomatic and International Trade Ministers●☆□-, the Ministers▼▽, Ministers of Finance and Economic Development, Ministers of Energy and Electrical Power, Development of Transportation and Economics, Presidential Special Consultants, Industrial, Trade▲◇☆, Enterprise Development▼▼, Minister of Information Newsletter. Technical and network security ministers, tourist reception ministers and other government senior official△●…●.

Original title: The Jiangxi High Court has failed to reach the national compensation amount, on August 6•▲●▽, the cover journalist learned from the Jiangxi Provincial High Court▷▽☆. At 10 oclock in the morning, the hospital listened to the case◁☆. The relevant judges of Jiangxi High Court, Li Jinlian and his family, two agency lawyers participated in the opinion. According to Li Chunlan, Li Chunlan, Li Jinlian, on the same day, did not agree on the amount of state compensation. In 1999, Jiangxi Suichuan County Peasant Li Jinlian was sentenced to death by Jiangxi Jian Zhongyuan by two children who were accused of poisonous tama, suspended for two years○▪•=, and the Jiangxi High Court was maintained. On June 1 this year…●▪, the Jiangxi High Court made a retrial judgment against Li Jinlian…▼, and found that it was not guilty and sent in court. On July 18, Li Jinlian filed a state compensation to the Jiangxi Provincial High Cour!

Original title: Japanese media said that Lanzhou ramen is on “a belt all the way”□◁, and I want to be a world fast food to take the “all the way”, and Lanzhou rai wants to be ●★=”the worlds first snap meal”. The picture shows a study in studying Lanzhou ramen production methods. (Japan “Asahi News” Website) On June 25th◇■•, the Chinese chef made Lanzhou ramen in the “Lanzhou Beef Randers held in Rome, Italy”. On the same day, “Lanzhou Beef Randers Hand in Pasta” and Lanzhou Cultural Tourism Promotion Activities opened in Rome, Italy▪•, and the chef from the two countries “same competition” at the event○▼=. In addition▲○, Lanzhou City also brought special performances and civil artificial art show. Xinhua News Agency reporter Jin Yu photo information network August 1 Report Japanese media said that the provincial capital of Gansu Province, Northwest Chi. australian brand activewear wholesale musc shirts – bulk apparel hoodies varsity cotton jacket hot pink fleece jacket,