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[leggings wholesale com]Original title: Taizhong University Sun Yat-sen is like or removed by alumni: Taking this as a campus landmark of Zhongshan University, Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek bronze statue. (Source: Taiwan “United Daily”) Overseas Network April 16th, after the “single△▷…▲” forces in the island, the news of Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek bronze statues in the island were removed★□◇●. Today (16th), the Taiwan Zhongshan University launched the ◆◇…☆”referendum” of the whole school●▲, and vote by the faculty and school students to stay in Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek. In this regard, there is a Taiwan Zhongshan University alumni who has been excluded. “If Sun Yat-sens bronze statue is removed▷△, I am ashamed of the Zhongshan University of Taiwan.” According to Taiwans “United Daily◇-•▲” report◁◆●, the voting content is single-choice for Sun Yat-sen Chiang Kai-shek, the option includes stayin.

Original title: Focusing on the law: Industrial investigation measures are not criminal compulsory measures to supervise the law of anti-corruption…△, distinguish between criminal procedures; the monitoring committee is the supervisory authority established by the state power organ▷☆•, is the anti-corruption work under the party unified leadership The agency, the nature is different from the judiciary; anti-corruption is different from the general criminal offense▼●◇, the investigation of the monitoring organs is different from the criminal investigation rights of public security and prosecutors, and cannot be simply used or deemed to be in law enforcement and Mandatory Measures for Judiciaters•-▼□. In short▲▽, indwent survey measures are not criminal forced measures. Indile investigation measures apply to the investigation of positional violations and duty crimes. The monitoring authority investigates the illegal and duty crime applicable to the law, and the case is applied to the procuratorate to apply the criminal procedure law▽■. Supervisi◆…◇.

The picture is from the South + client title: Liang Weidong is elected Director of the Standing Committee of the Dongguan Municipal Peoples Congress=▲▽▷, and Xiao Yafei is selected from the afternoon of the May 30th▪★, and the fourth meeting of the 16th Peoples Congress of Dongguan has successfully completed various items●▪. The agenda is closing in the city meeting building. After the election, Liang Weidong is elected as director of the Standing Committee of the Dongguan Municipal Peoples Congress, and Xiao Yafei is elected as the mayor of the municipal peoples government. Dongguan Municipal Party Committee Secretary, Municipal Peoples Congress Standing Committee, Liang Weidong, a newly elected Dongguan Municipal Peoples Government Mayor Xiao Yafei to the elected certificate. At 2:45 pm▲▲▷, the General Assembly held the third meeting of the Bureau, determined the director of the 16th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee▽•, the list of official candidates of the Mayor of Dongguan City, and decided to decide the counting personnel through the list of ticket staff=•◆▪. At 3:30 pm, the citys sixte?wholesale coats in bulk – 100 polyester t shirts wha.