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[penthouse jacket]Xinhua News Agency Beili River August 4th…□…△, General Secretary, General Secretary◇☆○◆, commissioned▷◇, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Minister Chen Xi visited the summer vacation experts on the Beidaihe on the 4th, and held a symposium and listened to the suggestions▼▽●▼. Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier Hu Chunhua of the State Council visited condolences and discussions. Chen Xi emphasized that the specialist talents must firmly establish “four awareness○▷□”, firmly “four confidence=•◁□”, maintain strong patriotic hearts, firm newspaper countries, transform the enthusiasm of patriotic dedication into innovation and creation, and put research In the great cause of building a socialist modernization, the achievement is integrated into the unremitting struggle of life in the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation…◆□…. Keep in mind the mission of the times, brave climbing the peak of technology, and strive to make more original theories, make more original discover•▽.

[The 12th National Peoples Congress represents five years of recommendations for more than 40,000 pieces] It is understood that a total of 91 key supervision proposals have been identified in five years in the General Office of the National Peoples Congress■■◆, involving 860 specific recommendations◇■-▪. Among them, during the five conferences of the 12th National Peoples Congress, 20 key supervision proposals were identified▽★, involving 146 specific recommendations, and transferred 53 organizers, and the 6 special committees of the National Peoples Congress were supervised. The Office of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress will strengthen organizational coordination with relevant parties•▷●, strengthen key supervision, form handling, and improve processing efficiency•○•■. Editor in charge▲☆△: Zhang Jian!

Zhongxin Net Changsha May 27th (Reporter Fu Wei) For 4 days of 2021 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition held in Changsha. This unprecedented world-class “machine feast★■★”, not only “the most popular mechanical engineering conference▽•☆” Guinness world record▲▷◇, 300■▽★☆,000 square meters exhibition area, over 10▼=▪,000 exhibitors, 32 global construction machinery 50 6 participating in the worlds top 500 companies participated▲▽△, over 40 billion yuan of on-site turnover, etc▷=★., there is no unclear level. This is the world construction machinery giant again after two years. As the only city with 4 world construction machinery, the world has a city, “Engineering Machinery” Changs gym wear dubai sportswear wholesale uk!

Peoples Forum Network Review With the network as the media, sing “new development concept” Good voice on May 27th, hosted by the Central News Network Communications Bureau, Shandong Provincial Committee Network Office=●▷•, Hebei Provincial Party Network Network Office, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Committee Network Office, Jilin Provincial Party Network Network Office▷…◁-, Henan Provincial Party Network Network Office, Sichuan Provincial Party Network Network Office○•-□, Qinghai Provincial Party Committee Network Network Office, Qinghai Provincial Party Network Web Office and China Economic Network The initial promotion ceremony of the theme is held in Jinan, Shandong, China. The event passed organizing online media online propaganda reports, in-depth development of new development stages, implement new development concepts◇▪▷, and build new development patterns, promoting high quality developme?create your own fitness clothing line – pla athletic shorts blank denim jacket,