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[unbranded gym clothing wholesale]Source▽▼○: Changan Street Gearter WeChat public account original title: Shenzhen connected output 5 party and government officers Shenzhen, Guangdong deputy provincial-level cities, and Guangzhou side-class “double engine”★◆○•. As one of my countrys first special economic zone, Shenzhen is not only widely praised due to high quality development●△, but more and more excellent cadres coming out here. Only two years in 2016 and 2017, Shenzhen sent 2 “one hand” to the national provincial government. During this time◁□, the Secretary of Ma Xingrui, who was hosting in Shenzhen, secretary of the two municipal party committees of Guangdong Province, governor◆…•, governor, deputy secretary, and governor of Hebei Provincial Party Committee. Changan Street◇●•▷, Id◁▪▽●: Capitalnews, noted that in addition to Ma Xingrui, Xu Qin▼▪, in recent years, Shenzhen also outputs at least 5 municipal party and government officers★•. Southern Daily this mon□-•.

[Police News] On July 20□◁◁, 2018, 110 received alarm said that Many of the Qi Shi Technology Company were gathered at the companys entrance★□, affecting the factory vehicle personnel due to violation of the companys rules and regulations. After the police report, the police quickly rushed to the scene●■□□, safeguarding the order, and volunteered to express the appeal according to law, but Yu Mouxin, Liu Mouhua, Michous five involved personnel refused to cooperate▪▲•●, disturb the factory work order, police according to law For the 5 people forced summoning education. During the time of July 27th=▽◆◁, Yu Moux, Liu Mouhua, Moumous equal number of people climbed to the companys entrance, enclose the companys door==▲●, and illegally entered the factory to make trouble, seriously disrupt public order★…▷, its behavior The police brought the above staff back to the public security organ in investigation. In the process of disposal◆◇■▼, the police always keep restraints, regulatio.

Original title▷○: National Peoples Congress, Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Network Writers Association, “芈 芈 传” Jiang Sheng male accepted the Beijing News Interview Network Works Infringement price Mini Wei rights price March 12◇•, 13th National Peoples Congress, one meeting, Zhejiang Province The Delegation, the National Peoples Congress representant Jiang Shengnan accepted the media interview. Beijing News Reporter Xue Yu, the National Peoples Congress□▷, Vice Chairman of the Zhejiang Network Writer Association▽◆, “芈 芈 传” Jiang Sheng male, accepts the interview with Beijing News report, network authors maintenance copyright is in the discontinuation of the discharge price Great▷●●◆. The creation of my countrys network novels, and copyright protection, IP development, etc.…☆▽-, are in its infancy, and believe that there will be more excellent writers and high-quality works in the future▷•◆. Talking on behalf of the recommendation of the copyright use period should n?glove manufacturers.